Exposing The Controversial Legacy: Unveiling The Hateful, Racist And Discriminatory History Of Chris Bittle

Voters like you have the freedom to research the information on this website and to create your own judgments. Nonetheless, I am of the opinion and believe that Chris Bittle exhibits a clear and undeniable pattern of racist behavior!

July 2018 – Incident # 1

On January 2, 2018, when Chris Bittle proudly bragged and so proud on social media that a group of protesters, who were Caucasian were outside his office, and that they all were “racists” and “white supremacists” because they believed that returning Islamic State fighters should be charged and put in jailed.

Chris Bittle had no problem voicing his racist and stereotype views about this small and unthreatening group of protesters who carried signs reading “Jail ISIS Fighters” who in his words, were using the issue of Islamic State fighters to “promote their hateful, racist views.”

Was Chris Bittle trying incite some kind of culture/religion war between the Muslim community and the Caucasians protesters of St, Catharines? It appears that Chris Bittle was trying to do bait/play the Muslim community into being pissed off by only his observations of the Caucasian protesters disrespecting the Muslim community and their culture and religion by protesting.

No one knows why Chris Bittle did this, but maybe Chris Bittle shouldexplain to the voters why he decided to make an issue about culture and religion, trying to pit two sides against each other when it was only about Jailing ISIS Fighters?

Liberal MP Chris Bittle Labels Anti-ISIS Protesters “White Supremacists”

May 2021 – Incident # 2

During the peak of the COVID-19 lockdowns, St. Catharines councilor Lori Littleton tweeted about using a very limited mental health support facility for her 17-year-old daughter who has needle anxiety but wanted to get vaccinated.

Jeff Loucks responded, questioning why Ms. Littleton’s daughter received expedited mental health services from Pathstone Mental Health over getting a needle, while there was a lengthy 18-month waiting list for everyone else. Mr. Loucks implied this was due to preferential treatment and criticized politicians for being out of touch with ordinary citizens’ struggles.

Chris Bittle quickly appeared on the scene and responded aggressively on Twitter, condemning Mr. Loucks’s opinion and comments as harassment, and an attack and labelling any critic as “anti-vaxx, anti-mask idiots.” Chris Bittle praised Ms. Littleton for sharing her daughter’s story and emphasized the importance of vaccination narratives for achieving herd immunity.

Chris Bittle’s reaction was seen as uncalled for by many as he resorted to personal attacks and was exaggerating the situation rather than addressing the issue raised.

May 2021 – Incident # 3

It is highly inappropriate and disrespectful for Chris Bittle to label people who choose not to get vaccinated against COVID-19 as “White Supremacists.”

This kind of rhetoric is harmful on so many levels. Chris Bittle chose to ignore the fact that an individuals decision not to get vaccinated is their right and can stem from a variety of factors including medical conditions, personal beliefs, religious convictions, or access issues.

By Chris Bittle labelling ANY unvaccinated individuals with such a charged term ignores these complexities and reduces the conversation to an overly simplistic and inaccurate dichotomy.

Let us not ignore the fact that Chris Bittle’s statements polarized society, deepening divisiveness and fostering an “Us vs. Them” mentality.

Instead of Chris Bittle fostering dialogue and understanding, he chooses to try and alienate a significant portion of the population, while making constructive conversation and public health efforts more difficult. By Chris Bittle calling unvaccinated people “White Supremacists” he is deliberately being deeply disrespectful and stigmatizing a group of people who are enforcing their Charter of Rights and Freedoms. His behavior not only unfairly maligns people who may have legitimate reasons for their unvaccinatied status, but he also is associating them with a hateful ideology without basis.

As an elected representative of Parliament, one would think that Chris Bittle would understand that the trust in public officials and the political process is crucial for effective governance. So when politicians like himself make such inflammatory and baseless accusations, it undermines public trust in his ability to lead responsibly and make sound decisions. This type of unfair and racist behavior by Chris Bittle could have had long-term negative effects on public engagement and trust in government initiatives.

When Chris Bittle’s focused on such inflammatory rhetoric, it detracted from the real issues at the time, such as improving vaccination rates through education, addressing vaccine hesitancy with empathy, and ensuring equitable access to vaccines. But instead Chris Bittle’s inflammatory rhetoric shifted attention away from practical solutions to public health challenges.

It is clear that Chris Bittle made these statement to incited hostility and conflict within communities. Chris Bittle make people feel unfairly labelled become more entrenched in their positions and less willing to engage in dialogue or consider vaccination, ultimately counteracting public health efforts.

Chris Bittle could not comprehend that his racist propaganda approach to public health issues needed to be done with nuance, respect, and a commitment to fostering constructive dialogue. That when addressing vaccine hesitancy and other public health challenges, it requires empathy, understanding, and a focus on evidence-based solutions rather than inflammatory and divisive rhetoric.

July 2022 – Incident # 4

Chris Bittle intentionally implies without cause or justification that a Muslim Community Eid celebration was refused the ability to hold their event at Club Italia based solely on their appearances because the same club hosted the 40 Under Forty Business Achievement Awards a few days following the Eid celebrations postponement.

Chris Bittle deliberately chose to leave out the fact that Club Italia was having unforeseen sewage problems at the time, making the club unable to accommodate the over 1,500 people that were expected to attend the huge celebrations.

I am sure that the attendees would love the idea of shitting in toilets that can’t be flushed, and the smell of raw sewage whiffing from the sewers below. And I am 100& positive that 1,500 + people would have been thrilled about the idea of having to go outside and shit in smell porta potties in their celebration clothing.

Chris Bittle deliberately left this fact out because his only narrative was to play to the votes! That is what Chris Bittle does best. Show up at your party, mooches your food and drinks, say a few words in support of your cause and then ask for your vote at election time. Chris Bittle does not give back to St. Catharines, he only takes!

Now let us make this clear, Club Italia is not some club for Italians, or maybe as Chris Bittle would say – a place where mobsters and their organized crime racket hang out.

It is very respected by its community and it members as they say on their website “share the beauty of Italian cars and motorcycles, share the city streets and country roads of a nation seemingly designed to be driven through (preferably to the purr of a fine-tuned engine). Our Club also aims to give its members the opportunity to get together, enjoy themselves and share their motoring dreams and passions.”

This picture from the Club Italia website was missed by Chris Bittle. How could he not have seen all these Caucasian faces and not determined that it was a plot from the beginning to ruin the Muslim Community Eid celebrations?

Why would Chris Bittle think that? Instead he tried to shame the 40 Under Forty Business Achievement Awards for holding their event a few days following the Eid celebrations postponement.

Chris Bittle decided to deliberately try and shame all the 40 Under Forty Business Achievement Awards simply because they were Caucasian. End of story!

Chris Bittle’s attitude is that – How dare these Caucasian people go to their event and give themselves awards while the Eid celebrations were cancelled days before sewer issues.

Chris Bottle is a full-fledged racist and a bully who gets off insulting, shaming and trying to embarrass Caucasian people. He has a very fragile little ego and this is how he makes himself feel better, by doing shit like this!

Chris Bittle Tweeted “It is extremely disheartening that Club Italia would abruptly postpone the Muslim community of Niagara’s Eid celebrations and refuse to assist in making other plans. The callous disregard for a holy day and celebration is shocking. The Club claims major sewage issues, but events are still being held at the Club. Can you spot the difference between these attendees and those who would attend Eid celebrations?”

Do you think that by this point the fragile, racist and bully Chris Bittle gives a shit about the Muslims and their Eid celebrations?

July 2022 – Incident # 5

This racist and bully Chris Bittle sat around the day after the 40 Under Forty Business Achievement Awards, waiting in the shadows for a picture from the night just so he could use it to try and gain favor with the Muslim community. He probably sat in bed, just watching Twitter on his phone waiting. Just like Donald Trump would do! There seem to be a lot of similarities between these two racists and bullies.

But we all know that the Muslim community held no resentment or ill will towards the 40 Under Forty Business Achievement Awards. Because the Muslim community are grown adults they clearly understand that their event had no role in what transpired with their celebrations. If they as a community were going to be mad and disappointed at anyone, it would have been at Club Italia.

But you see what Donald Trump, I mean Chris Bittle was trying to do was bait/play the Muslim community into being pissed off at the Caucasian people. But why? Why would Chris Bittle deliberately try and get the Muslims all worked up about the 40 Under Forty Business Achievement Awards?

What is going on here is that Chris Bittle thinks that the Muslim Community is too stupid and incompetent to understand his intentions, Is Chris Bittle trying to start a race/religion war between the Muslim Community and the Caucasians of St, Catharines? No one knows, so maybe Chris Bittle should have to explain to the voters why he decided to make an issue about race and religion, trying to pit two sides against each other when it was only about unforeseen sewage problems.

Not only does Chris Bittle think the Muslim Community is stupid and incompetent, but Chris Bittle believes the stereotype that Muslims do not come with Caucasia skin tones. I am sure Chris Bittle was thrilled to learn that none of the 9/11 terrorists were Caucasian skin toned because that would have destroyed his whole world and perspective of what a stereotyped Muslim looks like!

And do you know why this racist and bully Chris Bittle says and does shit like this? Because he keeps getting away with it! PERIOD!

Let us talk about how Chris Bittle deliberately smeared a respected business, Club Italia, which I am sure has Muslim members, by implying that because it was a Muslim celebration. Club Italia had no problem cancelling their event and then deliberately went out of their way to screw over the organizers just a little bit more afterwards.

And again why does this racist and bully Chris Bittle says and do shit like this? Because he keeps getting away with it! PERIOD!

And as if that was not enough, Chris Bittle decides to deliberately SHAME POSTED a picture of the 40 Under Forty Business Achievement Awards winners. Pointing out their Caucasian skin tones and apparent White Privilege as if they did something wrong. When in fact they had absolutely nothing to do with it!

And again, again why did Chris Brittle do this? Because he has never been held accountable for his racist and bullying behavior in the past!

And yet again for a third time, why does this racist and bully Chris Bittle says and do shit like this? Because he keeps getting away with it! PERIOD!

August 2022 – Incident # 6

Chris Bittle’s racist Tweet stemmed from a conversation on Twitter (X) that he was not part of. The conversation was about the Housing, Diversity and Inclusion Minister Ahmed Hussen revoking CMAC’s funding after one of its senior members, Laith Marouf, made antisemitic comments on social media.

In a series of tweets on Thursday, Michael Geist, the grandson of Holocaust survivors, called on the Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez to take responsibility for the controversy, arguing that Rodriguez is ultimately accountable for the program.

In response, Chris Bittle decided he had to chime with his racist behavior accused Mr. Geist of being misleading, and then implied that Mr. Geist was only doing it because Mr. Hussen is black.

Chris Bittle is not just a bully who uses Twitter to insult and belittle others from the shadows. Where he targets random individuals with whom he disagrees, waiting to launch personal attacks rather than engaging in constructive dialogue. When Chris Bittle is confronted with differing opinions, Chris Bittle, a government representative for St. Catharines, has to resort to extremely ignorant and bigotry behavior by using racist and anti-Black tweets instead of presenting intelligent arguments.

And he makes absurd and obnoxious statements such as Mr. Geist brought it upon himself to be an implied racist because he BULLIED me (Chris Bittle) to do it! This is the logic and behavior of a GROWN ASS MAN trying to defend his actions by blaming the victim!

And because he keeps getting away with it, like a child, he did it again! Yes, Liberal MP Chris Bittle implied that Professor Michael Geist was racist on Twitter because Mr. Geist, like the protesters had a difference of opinion on a matter.

March 2024 – Incident # 7

In March of 2024, my wife and I reached out to Chris Bittle, our Member of Parliament in hopes of getting some assistance, We explained that our son have been going through some very difficult and traumatic experiences while attending two DSBN schools.

We explained that our son, a bi-racial child, has been exposed to racial slurs, multiple physical assaults, bullying by DSBN staff and students, destruction of his personal property, and told he was worthless and should kill himself for two years, and the DSBN had continuously failed to take any action at any time. Chris Bittle was gave complete access to all the all correspondence and a complete breakdown of every incident with dates, times, who was involved and what happened.

After reviewing the hundreds of pages of material, Chris Bittle stated in a response email that in the past he was openly against racism and bigotry, but he hoped that through the correct channels, we would be able to find a positive result for our son. That if they had not yet reached out to other agencies that he had provided, he would kindly redirect them back to that information.

Chris Bittle then went on to state that he understands what our son has been through is unjust and wrong, and as his parents we are rightfully upset and frustrated. But he, himself is “not part of the relevant ministries or government to provide any support.”

Chris Bittle as a Member of Parliament and representative of St. Catharine’s feels that his only job is to deal with issues that relate directly to his relevant position as he serves just as a Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change.

Chris Bittle clearly stated to us that as much as he would like to help, he has no authority or the ability voice in on the matter, as he is not part of any “relevant ministries or government to provide any support” to help end the racist abuse of a child.

What is interesting to note is that Chris Bittle was willing to use his voice and have a stance, show support on the issues below, as a Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change.

  • The tender fruit growers are an important part of our agricultural sector in Niagara.
  • Contraceptives
  • The Niagara Folk Arts Festival to celebrate cultures from communities across Niagara.
  • To put an end to the devastating missing and murdered indigenous women and girls crisis. On Red Dress Day,
  • This evening at sundown, Jewish Communities around the world will observe Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day).
  • The Niagara Armenian Community to commemorate the 109th anniversary of the Armenian genocide,
  • The Day of Mourning we remember workers who didn’t come home or died from an occupational illness.
  • Child poverty
  • Canada Child Benefit
  • $10-a-day child care, and more
  • National School Food Program
  • Niagara Hindu Samaj Open House
  • Pride Niagara.
  • National Volunteer Week the City of St. Catharines
  • Niagara celebrating Happy Vaisakhi!
  • International Day to Combat Islamophobia
  • Filipino-Canadian Association of Niagara
  • Slovenian culture
  • International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

But it is clear that Chris Bittle has not willing to take a stance and show support to stop a bi-racial child from enduring the racist behavior of students and staff for over two years at the hands of the DSBN who have done nothing!

It’s unacceptable that any child, especially a radicalized child, has to experience racist behavior as the DSBN refused to take adequate action to address the issue. The lack of a voice, stance and support by Chris Bittle and the DSBN racist behavior can have lasting damage for any child, especially when they are already vulnerable to a acknowledged and admitted discrimination and bias within the DSBN.

It is clear that issues of racism against a bi-racial child for over two years by the DSBN is not a priority with Chris Bittle as he is to busy catering to every other political hot topic of the week and then posting it all over social media.

Why would Chris Brittle care about anything racism? Because in the end, Chris Brittle believed he could wash his hands free of the issue by claiming that he could not get involved or even have a stance because the issues of a bi-racial child being assaulted, exposed to racial slurs, bullied by students and DSBN staff, because he was “not part of the relevant ministries or government to provide any support.”

The fact is that Chris Bittle did not WANT TO HAVE A VOICE when it came to addressing the racial and physical abuse that our son was enduring in publicly funded DSBN schools.

Chris Bittle is a racist that only pretends to care about eliminating racism!

On his own website, Chris Bittle—a racist and bully—posts lies that he obviously does not even believe.

“In 2015 Chris was elected Member of Parliament as a first-time candidate for public office. Since being elected, Chris has used his platform to speak out against intolerance, racism and bigotry that exists in our community.”

Chris Bittle is a lying, racist, bully and hypocrite who has fearless and repeatedly shown the people of St. Catharine’s who he really is! And let us remember who his BFF is and who he works for…

Because when you show me your friends, I will show you what your about!

Remember …