Chris Bittle – The Failure Of A St. Catharines MP Representative

Today I want to discuss why it is crucial for St. Catharines to get new representation and why I believe Chris Brittle needs to be voted out of office next election.Personally, I feel that Chris Bittle knows his days are numbered and that is why he will not run for re-election again!

Under Chris Brittle’s tenure, St. Catharines has seen stagnation in economic growth. Despite his promises, there has been little to no significant improvement in job creation and support for local businesses. Our downtown area is struggling and many businesses are closing their doors.

Healthcare in our community has not seen the improvements we were promised. Wait times at local hospitals have increased at no fault of their own and essential services are often stretched thin. Chris Brittle has failed to secure the necessary funding and resources to address these critical issues.

Environmental sustainability has taken a back seat under Chris Brittle’s leadership. There have been missed opportunities for green initiatives and improvements in local environmental policies. Our community deserves a representative who will prioritize the health of our environment.”

Chris Brittle has been criticized for being inaccessible and unresponsive to the concerns of our residents. An effective MP should be someone who listens and not bullies the community, holds regular meetings, and is transparent about their actions and decisions. But if you invite him to a local event. He and his family will be there for the free food and drink!

In summary, Chris Brittle’s time in office has been marked by economic stagnation, inadequate healthcare improvements and a lack of environmental initiatives among many other things. His disengagement and bullying towards the community further underscores the need for change.

My Vision for the future of St. Catharines and it’s residents is that we deserves better. I am the next leader who will drive economic growth, prioritize healthcare and champion economy growth and sustainability will always engage with the community. And it won’t be over a free meal, unless I buying! It’s time for a fresh perspective and new leadership.

I urge you to consider the future of St. Catharines and the leadership it needs. It is time for change, someone who will genuinely work for the betterment of our community. And that is Kory Read of the Workers Reform Party.!