Chris Bittle Gets “Gen X’d”

There are two types of people in the world that I can not stand and the first is racist. There is NO REASON ANYONE should hate or dislike someone because of the color of their skin, their beliefs or even for the shallow reason of how they dress.

The second type of people who I can not stand are bullies. Now, if you want to bully someone who has done you wrong, then all the power to you. But as I have always said, don’t kick that hornet’s nest unless you are willing to get stung.

.And as a real “Gen X,” I do not play! If you do something to me, that is one thing. But the moment you involve my family, it now becomes a whole different level of things! With that said, this is why I have such a dislike for the racist and bully Chris Bittle. He truly believes that he is better, smarter and wittier than everyone else.

Just review his responses to ONLY the 1-star Google Reviews on the website. page.

There are a 85 reviews in total,

  • 28 are 5-stars
  • 2 are 4-stars
  • 1 is 3-stars
  • and 54 are 1-star

That is a 64% disapproval rate.

Chris Bittle is not ignorant but “ig-nat!” He ONLY responds online to the negative 1-star ratings, using smart-ass remarks, talking down to people and just basically being a jerk! He does the same thing on social media. He is so desperate for positive attention that he will ONLY respond to 1-star reviews because it hurts his ego!

Chris Bittle loves to claim that these are “ANONYMOUS TROLLS,” but somehow he still knows that these “ANONYMOUS TROLLS” have never visited his office. Does not seem very anonymous to me at this point! But he does so as to try and discredit their comments and 1-star ratings.

Chris Bittle was definitely that kid who got picked on in school growing up, and now he is just a full-fledged narcissist. He gets off and enjoys making himself feel better by talking down and condescending to people.

Chris Bittle LOVES attention everywhere he goes, just look at his social media pages. Chris Bittle spends more time gallivanting around to free local events, eating and drinking their food, taking photos of himself with whoever is around, posting pictures of his children and family for praise, and pictures of his liberal buddies like the corrupt and racist Justin Trudeau. Chris Brittle is an attention whore, PERIOD!

I have lived here in St. Catharines for 5 years, literally just down the road from his office. And I have NEVER seen his office door open, let alone him doing anything for the people of St. Catharines in his parking lot. But he loves to go to every event that he can squeeze in, so he can get free food for himself and his family,while feeling important because he is Chris Bittle.”

But seriously, what has Chris Bittle ever given back to the people of St. Catharines since being elected? It appears that Chris Brittle thinks that by showing up at your event, eating your food, taking some pictures and saying a few words to your event is his contribution to you and his riding!

Reviewing the website, you will see what I intend to give back to my community in St. Catharines. I will have given back more in just one year than Chris Bittle will have the entire time in office, even when he eventually gets elected out!

Again Chris Brittle has never bothered to even hold a simple BBQ for the people in St. Catharines, the people who voted him in and he represents! Why? Because he is too busy hiding behind his keyboard, being the Keyboard warrior, where he can block and delete people’s comments who question him on social media. That way people can’t get to him in person and call him out for his shit!

Chris Bittle loves to call people “Trolls” when they question his decisions or his ability to do the job. Chris Bittle clearly does not understand what the term “Troll” means, as a true narcissist. He just refuses to just look in a mirror and acknowledge his “IG’NANT” and selfish behavior.

Think about this. If Chris Bittle is willing to act like this in a public forum as a elected public official, to the people that give him his paycheck. What is he like at home with his wife, children, family and friends?

These are the people Chris Bittle trust not talk about his personal views and behavior at home. The people that he is most comfortable being around!. We can only imagine what Chris Bittle and/or his family says behind their closed doors. One can only imagine how “IG’NANT” Chris Bittle is on his own time when the public can see or hear who he really is!

Needless to say, after reading up on this guy and seeing his racist and bullying ways. I figure it is time that Chris Bittle sees how the real “Gen X” bully can play.

Chris Brittle, you want to bully random people because you think you are a smart and a better person than them. The tables have turned and the other shoe has dropped! I am coming to take your job and I am not asking you for it! So from this point on, everything outside of your family is on the table for discussion! Every decision and statement you make and every racist and bullying thing you do or say will find its way back to me.

And do not be mad at me, because it was you that summoned me when you refused to help stop our 12 year old bi-racial son from being targeted, assaulted, exposed to racial slurs and told he should “kill himself” because he was “worthless” while attending Connaught Public School and now Thorold Secondary school while the DSBN has chosen to sit back and act as nothing ever happened.

There is no room at my table for a racist and a bully who gets off by insulting and trying to humiliate random people. The same random people who pay taxes so YOU can get paid your $200,000 plus a year.

So you want to play bully, rude boy and a bad man! Let see what you got! You do what you do best, block my account and try and hide like the King of Cowards you are!

To everyone else, please join my Facebook page where I will treat EVERYONE, regardless of their political views and opinions with respect and have open dialogue about it. I don’t hide from criticism, I embrace it and try and learn from it! Because with me, Your Voice Always Matters!