Chris Bittle – “Gen X’d” for a 2nd Time!

So Chris Bittle, because Ms. Timea Galan graciously declined a Canada Flag Sign bearing your name, you once more had to act like “The Jerk” and attempt to stroke your ego by belittling, insulting and disrespecting her. WOW!

You were not even aware of Ms. Galan’s reasons for not wanting your sign. But you were more than happy to go over and beyond to speculate as to why and then respond with a snarky comment!

“Why even bother posting if you’re so put off by [checks notes] a Canadian flag?”

I apologize Chris Bittle, but the rest of the world, and I seem to have missed something. Could you help point out the part of her “No Thank You” comment where it suggests that she is “so put off by [checks notes] a Canadian flag?”

You are aware that she is not required to accept one of your ego flags under her Charter of Rights and Freedoms, right? Do you realize that her refusal to have your Canadian Flag sign with your name on it does not make her any less of a Canadian than you?

It is clear that you were obviously just “Trolling” your comments in an attempt to find a fight, and you believed her remark to be offensive. And what happened was you believed that it was your name on the sign that was being targeted by her “put off” comment, and not our wonderful Canadian flag. And because you interpreted it that way, you leaped out of the shadows once more, attempting to shamelessly attack her without even pausing to consider the circumstances.

Chris Bittle, the champion of the Canadian flag, is the same Chris Bittle who permits a Black child to be subjected to physical abuse, harassment, threats, racial slurs and bias and targeted and unjust discipline by DSBN teachers while the DSBN watches on and does nothing. You truly are a hero, Chris Bittle, dubbed “The Keyboard Warrior!”

This is the same Chris Bittle who unfairly labels individuals as racists and uses racial epithets against anyone who disagrees with him. It appears that now Chris Bittle does not believe Ms. Galan to be a loyal Canadian!

Why would any want to cast their vote for a person who is incapable of self-control? I wonder what kind of person you are when it comes to teaching others morality because you feel the need to respond to someone just because they said: “No thank you.” We don’t need to wonder about you personality while you around your family, friends, and children at home. Here it is, on plain display for all of us to see.

Chris Bittle you had the option to simply disregard Ms. Galan’s “No Thank you,” comment, but you were unable to even control yourself, and you had to try and come off as being so clever and patriotic at her expense. But instead, you appear like an ASSHOLE NOW, while still exhibit all the telltale symptoms of a narcissist.

Perhaps you should remove your needless, irrational and baseless smart-ass comment that was directed at Ms. Galan, or the very least, provide an apology. Children should be seen, and not heard, according to my upbringing. So perhaps we should begin with you there. As a parent and a real “Gen X,” I would advise you in the future to take a step back and observe and listen instead of reacting and making yourself appear even more foolish and self-centered than you are. The issue with your ego is that you believe you are some type of rude boy, a bad man, and that you are far superior to everyone else in terms of intelligence and ability.

Are you of the opinion, Chris Bottle, that Ms. Galan was entitled to that kind of “ig’nant” and disrespectful behavior from you simply for expressing her courteous refusal to receive one of YOUR Canadian flag signs? Well, I don’t want one of your [check notes] Canadian flag signs either. What do you say to that?

It is clear that you will not apologize, so Ms. Galan, I am sorry that a government official who is paid with your taxes behaved in such an ignorant and irresponsible manner towards you, for absolutely no reason. Your comment could not have been any politer and there was absolutely no reason that you should have explained yourself to him. Chris Bittle did not have any right to disrespect you for not NEEDING a Canadian Flag sign.

I would like to please encourage you and everyone else to join my Facebook page where Ie will treat EVERYONE, regardless of their political views and opinions with respect and have an open dialogue about it. We don’t hide from criticism, I embrace it and try and learn from it! Because Your Voice Always Matters!

And let us note right now, that Chris Bittle has no intentions of running again for a third term when the elections are called. He intends to vanish into the scenery and disappear from our minds as I lead St. Catharines in a new direction that will benefit everyone and not just “Haves”.