Shaping Tomorrow Together

As an MP, I will be committed to addressing critical social issues in Ontario, including housing, poverty, mental health support, healthcare accessibility, and education. By prioritizing these initiatives, my aim is to foster a more equitable and just society that will ultimately benefiting all residents of Ontario.

Judicial System

Racism within the Canadian judicial system is a longstanding issue that has been repeatedly documented and criticized. Studies have shown that radicalized individuals are disproportionately represented, and face higher rates of arrest, convictions and harsher sentencing compared to their non-radicalized counterparts.

This judicial systemic bias not only undermines the principles of fairness and justice but also perpetuates societal inequities and erodes trust in the legal system. I am fully committed to addressing and combating racism within the Canadian judicial system to promote equal treatment and justice for all. It is crucial to continue these efforts to create a more inclusive and fair society for everyone, regardless of their race or ethnicity.

Elected Judges

The debate between voting for judges versus appointing them involves complex considerations, such as accountability and impartiality.

As elected judges are directly accountable to the public, appointed judges may be perceived as being more impartial. However, appointed judges often become complacent and out of touch with societal norms due to their lack of direct public input.

I certainly recognize the nuances of this issue and believe to ensure a fair and effective judiciary system, judges should have to earn their positions through the public they work for.

I argue that it is now essential for the justice system to be transparent and to be able to hold judges accountable for their actions to maintain trust and uphold the principles of fairness and equality for all individuals. Without these measures in place, the integrity of the justice system has become compromised and has ultimately failed to protect the rights of its citizens.

Help Your Comminutes Or Loose Your Funding

I vow to reform the current system of government funding for organizations that claim to assist individuals in need of help. If these organizations are found to be failing in their duties or not providing adequate services, I will ensure that their funding is partially or entirely withdrawn. It’s time to put an end to free rides and handouts for groups that are more interested in lining their own pockets than helping those in need. Instead, I will redirect funds to organizations that demonstrate a genuine commitment to providing effective support and resources to individuals needing help in many areas of life from personal to legal. This will promote accountability, transparency, and a more efficient use of taxpayer dollars, ultimately benefiting those who need it most.

Higher Big Business Taxes

It’s important for me to carefully consider the impact of higher taxes on big businesses, taking into account the overall profitability and competitiveness of the market. And while taxes can be burdensome, it is essential to strike a balance to ensure big businesses can thrive and innovate while still contributing their fair share to society. By evaluating each case individually and fostering healthy market competition, I will make informed decisions that benefit both big businesses and communities.

Elite Money

Higher taxing for the elites will help the less privileged by redistributing wealth to fund social programs and services that benefit not only low-income but non-income individuals. These increased taxes will result in the redistributing of the wealth to enhance access to vital services like improving our failing education system, healthcare demands, endless housing crisis and other essential needs not just for the less privileged. I believe I can make a significant impact on the well-being and opportunities of those who are financially disadvantaged by fostering a more inclusive and fair society overall.

Creating Affordable Living Communities (ALC)

I would put a stop to the Liberal’s so-called “Affordable Housing” project and would create Affordable Living Communities. (ACL) It is a creative, practical and real solutions that address the housing crisis that so many low-income and low-middle-class individuals face every day.

My “Affordable Living Communities” (ALC) strategy is the creation of government-built and owned low-cost homes that are sold for slightly above cost. There is a very low Permanent and Fixed Interest Rate (PFIR) that will significantly enable low-income and low-middle-class first-time buyers to purchase government homes.

My “Affordable Living Communities” (ALC) would alleviate financial burdens and enable low-income and low-middle-class renters to transition into homeownership. This extremely proactive measure will enrich communities and empower many groups of individuals to build a stable and secure future in their own homes. READ MORE

The War On Homelessness

Once elected I would push to start allocating tax dollars towards “Affordable Living Communities” (ALC), supportive services and job training initiatives which are crucial in addressing homelessness. By focusing on the root causes and providing essential resources, such as mental health and addiction treatment programs. With the help of communities, we all can help make a significant impact while helping individuals overcome barriers to their recovery. I believe deeply in collaborating with various community organizations as it is essential in developing comprehensive strategies that can effectively reduce homelessness in the long term. READ MORE

Immigration Reform

I believe that a balance in immigration reform is crucial. By implementing new sponsorships and employment restrictions for immigrants until they obtain the proper status, our party can ensure that both the needs of Canadian citizens and the interests of immigrants have been taken into account. I believe this approach will help alleviate concerns about job competition and promote a fair and orderly immigration process that benefits both newcomers and our province and country. 

AGI’s, No More!

I must begin to prioritize the well-being of tenants and ensure fair and affordable housing for all. Removing measures such as AGIs that unfairly burden tenants with additional costs is the right step in creating a more equitable rental market. By removing this bias and landlord-friendly and profitable laws, our party can help protect tenants from exploitation and promote a more balanced relationship between landlords and renters. READ MORE

Creating A Better Healthcare System

All of us, including myself understand there are various factors to consider in addressing the shortage of doctors in the province of Ontario. The current government believes that bringing in more foreign doctors helps in the short term But I would start to heavily invest in expanding and creating more medical schools and providing significantly better financial assistance for ANY Canadian students who want to study medicine abroad.

This would lead to a more sustainable solution in the long run. By increasing the number of Canadian-trained doctors within our own country, the healthcare system will benefit from a larger pool of professionals who are familiar with the local healthcare landscape and cultural context.

Workers Rights Matter

Terminating any employee based solely on a difference of opinion may indeed be legally permissible in Ontario. But I will now advocate for the end of this outdated and counterproductive practice, as we reflect on a growing recognition of the importance of fair treatment and respect for differing perspectives in the workplace.

Implementing new policies to protect employees from such arbitrary dismissals will ultimately lead to a more inclusive and productive work environment. So as long as an employee is performing their duties effectively and responsibly, they should not be subjected to termination, now EVERY firing will have to be justified! Employers need to learn that they need to embrace diversity of thought and create a culture where all perspectives are valued. This will lead to better decision-making and innovation and is essential for employers to focus on performance and contribution rather than conformity to avoid limiting their potential for growth and success.

Reducing Foreign Aid

There is a delicate balance between taking care of one’s nation and supporting global well-being, which is crucial for fostering a more interconnected and sustainable future. However, it’s essential to ensure that not a single Canadian tax dollar leaves our nation until our domestic issues are resolved. The needs of our local communities must take precedence over those in other parts of the world. While some may argue that addressing both local and global issues is vital for creating a more harmonious and prosperous world. On rare occasions sometimes need to prioritize the well-being of our nation and people first, PERIOD!

Full Government Pension

I propose increasing the number of years a politician must serve in their elected position before becoming eligible for a full government pension from 6 to 10 years. This change will ensure that only those who have served a significant term and made substantial contributions are rewarded with such benefits. By requiring a longer period of service, I will foster a more focused, committed, and accountable political class, as individuals will need to dedicate more time to their roles before receiving full retirement benefits.

Canada – The Republic

According to the Monarchist League of Canada the amount for the 2019–2020 fiscal year. It was determined by factoring in expenses for the upkeep of the monarchy’s historic buildings, managing the Governor General’s Office, their overseas trips, the salaries and expenses of provincial lieutenant governors and royal tours. According to the pro-monarchy organization, the sum equals $1.55 paid from every Canadian.

Canada becoming a republic would eliminate the symbolic ties to the British monarchy, allowing for a more independent and sovereign national identity. It would also provide an opportunity to redefine our country’s governance structure to better reflect Canadian values and priorities, potentially leading to a more inclusive and representative system of government. Additionally, transitioning to a republic would help strengthen Canada’s position on the global stage as a modern and progressive nation.

Prime Minister – Max 2 Terms

It is important to recognize that Canada operates under a parliamentary system where voters do not directly elect the Prime Minister. Instead, they vote for members of Parliament who then choose the Prime Minister. While this system may differ from the American presidential election process, it still allows Canadians to have a slight say in their leadership through their elected representatives.

If Canada adopted a system where the population directly voted for the Prime Minister, it would lead to a more democratic and representative government. Allowing the citizens to have a direct say in who leads the country, would increase accountability and transparency in the political process. This would lead to a stronger connection between the government and the citizens, as well as potentially result in the election of leaders who better reflect the values and priorities of the population.

Independent candidates, unlike party-affiliated ones, must solely rely on their accomplishments and track record during election time. They cannot attribute achievements to a party, but must instead emphasize their contributions and promises directly to voters. This requires independents to carry their re-election campaign without the support or reputation of a political party, making their campaigns more challenging and reliant on personal merits.

I believe that long-term solo leadership creates a power vacuum and entrenched dynasties that prioritize their interests over the needs of the citizens. This is evident with the current Liberal government which has led to a lack of accountability and transparency in their government. The common consensus is that long-term power results in a government that only focuses on pleasing those who support them rather than serving the population. So a 2 year term limit for any one individual can help prevent these issues and ensure a more dynamic and responsive government.

Our Neighbors In Turks and Caicos

This is one of the most exacting things I look forward to doing. I will reach out and work collaboratively with Turks and Caicos people and government in allowing Canadians to travel and live in the Turks and Caicos without restrictions. This would be a positive move for both countries, as it would boost tourism and strengthen economic ties. Offering Canadians the opportunity to visit and live on the island without restrictions, would increase the flow of visitors and help to support the local economy through spending on accommodations, dining, activities and souvenirs. This would also enhance cultural exchange and foster closer relations between Canada and the beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands.

Minimum Wage

While it is true that raising the minimum wage will lead to higher prices for goods and services. I will try and create tax incentives to help small businesses manage the increased costs associated with a higher minimum wage. These incentives will be a great way to potentially alleviate the burden on employers and consumers. It is important to consider a variety of factors when evaluating the effects of a minimum wage increase as studies have shown that there could be a minimal overall impact on prices. READ MORE

Undocumented Individuals

I want to emphasizes the significance of adhering to legal pathways for residency to actively contribute to desired communities. Engaging in undocumented work can impede full integration and hinder one’s capacity to support their chosen community. Upholding legal protocols not only promotes personal accountability but also enhances the overall well-being and advancement of the community.

I take the stance that immigration enforcement underscores my commitment to upholding legal boundaries and consequences for those who violate immigration laws in Canada. By emphasizing the deportation and permanent inability to ever seek legal status in Canada for any individuals who breach regulations, I aim to deter illegal immigration and ensure compliance with established immigration procedures.

With approximately 600,000 undocumented individuals living within our Canadian borders, I am committed to providing ALL these individuals with a pathway to legal status. Canada is referred to time and time again to be considered one of the easiest countries in the world to obtain citizenship.

Any undocumented individual who chooses not to apply during the assigned time frame. Will have automatically forfeited their future rights to apply will be deported and will have lost their ability to ever seek legal status in Canada again.

Mandatory Citizenship

I will push that after 5 years of permanent status in Canada,  individuals must apply for their Canadian citizenship. If they choose not to, they will have two options. They can return to their birth country or have their status changed to temporary, losing certain privileges and it will have to be renewed annually.

I believe that being a Canadian citizen offers a sense of belonging, security and access to various rights and privileges that permanent residents do not have, such as the ability to vote and run for political office. It also allows individuals to fully participate in Canadian society and benefit from the social, economic and cultural opportunities available in the country. Ultimately, becoming a Canadian citizen signifies a commitment to the country and its values, fostering a deeper connection and integration within the community.

The Unethical Practice Of Price Gouging

We all condemn and want to stop price gouging as it is essential for protecting consumers and ensuring a fair marketplace. Implementing new laws, regulations and penalties for businesses involved the practice of excessive overpricing and unjust price increases during a customer’s time of crisis or need .I will be taking a proactive approach to safeguarding consumers by creating a more transparent market structure and deter unethical practices that exploit consumers in times of distress.

Gratitude And Reflection

I believe that promoting morning Gratitude And Reflection in Ontario schools is a great thing as it helps students start their day with a positive mindset, fostering a sense of appreciation and mindfulness that can improve overall well-being. Encouraging students to start the day off while taking a moment to reflect on what they are grateful for can enhance their emotional and mental health, while also promoting empathy, compassion and a greater sense of connection within the school community. This practice can have long-lasting benefits on student’s emotional intelligence and resilience.

Ontario Standardized Testing (OST)

With failing results over the past decades, the EQAO program had become outdated. It is a program that does not work and needs to be ended and replaced by a better and more effective way of testing student’s knowledge.

The implementation of the Ontario Standardized Testing (OST) created by myselfe would take place at the end of each semester, and will have several potential benefits for the education system. The Ontario Standardized Testing (OST) evaluation will allow for an objective assessment of student’s knowledge and skills, facilitating comparisons across different regions. This information can help identify areas requiring additional support for student improvement and serve as a motivation for academic success. Furthermore, the recognition of Ontario Standardized Testing (OST) exams by universities and employers will provide students with credentials that may enhance their future opportunities.

The Ontario Standardized Testing (OST) concept is based on the CXC program used in the Caribbean and is a promising approach due to the program’s established curriculum and structure. Leveraging the CXC program will provide a solid foundation for organizing and implementing Ontario Standardized Testing (OST) initiatives in schools, ensuring alignment with existing educational standards and goals. By incorporating proven methodologies from the CXC program, the Ontario Standardized Testing (OST) concept will enhance learning opportunities for students and support their academic development effectively.

Teachers Incentive Program (TIP)

I strongly believe that educator accountability is crucial for the success of students and the education system as a whole. Educators need to take responsibility for their student’s performance and strive to improve their teaching methods to ensure better outcomes for the students they educate. The threat of termination after consistently poor student performances will serve as a motivation for educators to step up and enhance their effectiveness in the classroom. This approach shifts the focus from blaming external factors to empowering educators to make a positive impact on their student’s academic journey.

A Teachers Incentive Program (TIP) will reward educators for improving student performance on Ontario Standardized Testing (OST) exams. I hope this will be an effective way to motivate educators to focus on student growth and success. By offering a tangible benefit such as a tax-free bonus for achieving a higher set Ontario Standardized Testing (OST) exam scores, educators should be encouraged to invest more time and effort into helping their students succeed academically. This type of incentive program will ultimately lead to better outcomes for students and contribute to overall improvement in the education system.

Council For Human Rights (CHR)

The alarm bells being sounded by Tribunal Watch in its newest report on the state of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, which says an “unprecedented 96 per cent” of all final HRTO decisions in 2023-24 were dismissals of applications for “jurisdictional or procedural” reasons, in which members of the public looking for justice did not have an opportunity to make oral submissions or attempt mediation.


It is important to continuously assess and improve on any institution’s behavior and by eliminating the Ontario Human Rights Commission and Human Rights Tribunals of Ontario of their responsibility for upholding human rights standards. It will allow for the creating a new Council For Human Rights (CHR) that will lead to more effective outcomes in addressing systemic issues and holding individuals and government accountable for their own human rights violations.

I will proposal to create and establish a Council for Human Rights (CHR) which would be directly accountable to a public committee. This new council would streamline current oversight and decision-making processes related to human rights issues within the province.

This centralized structure would also enhance coordination and efficiency in addressing the failing human rights challenges across different sectors of society and ensure a more consistent approach to upholding rights and protecting vulnerable populations. I believe this is crucial to ensure transparency, independence and effectiveness in the functioning of this Council For Human Rights (CHR) to truly advance human rights issues here in Ontario.

Keeping Provincial Contracts In Ontario

will always advocate for the preservation of all provincial contracts to stay within Ontario. A strategy that will support Ontario’s local businesses, ensure accountability in government spending and prioritize job creation within our province.

I will always prioritize the use of local businesses and local workers in contract outsourcing. It will help boost the local economy and support local employment opportunities. Ensuring that all contracts stay within Ontario, will help safeguard jobs and resources for the residents of the region.

Paper, Pencils and Erasers

I would like to highlight the importance of maintaining a balance between technology and traditional learning methods in education. While technology has revolutionized the way students learn. I want to emphasize the significance of hands-on activities that engage multiple senses in a student’s learning process.

Limited access to educational resources such as notes, workbooks, homework and other educational resources indeed hinders a student’s ability to learn and the parent’s ability to teach effectively. This lack of essential tools has impeded student’s capacity to develop crucial skills and has ultimately result in them performing poorly on assessments like the failed  EQAO program. Students MUST have access to a variety of resources to support their learning and academic success.

More educators are quickly and willing to move away from more traditional methods of teaching in favor of more convenient technology teaching. They have lost the understanding that written work continues to be a valuable tool for reinforcing learning and critical thinking skills. Written work helps students clarify their thoughts, organize information and communicate effectively, making them essential components of a well-rounded education. ( See It, Say It, Hear It, Write It)

I plan to reform and update the “Back-To-Basics” program with a focus on reducing educators screen time while teaching. This is a positive step towards fostering a more engaging and effective learning environment for students. By prioritizing hands-on learning experiences and minimizing reliance on technology for teaching this initiative will enhance student engagement and critical thinking skills.

Government Waste

I believe that one way to reduce government waste is to prioritize efficiency and accountability in spending by implementing better oversight mechanisms, increasing transparency, and holding leaders and agencies accountable for their budget management. Additionally, promoting a culture of fiscal responsibility, streamlining bureaucracy and actively seeking input from experts, employees and citizens can help identify opportunities for cost savings and improve financial management practices. Ultimately, fostering a culture of frugality and responsible stewardship of public funds can help mitigate government waste.